No first flush of youth

8 02 2010

Daniel Vettori tells the Herald that his two new ODI players, Peter Ingram and Andy McKay, may not be fresh young striplings but he’s looking forward to half a decade’s work from them:

Opener Ingram banged a rapid 69, left armer McKay took a couple of wickets. Neither is in the first flush of youth, aged 31 and 29 respectively. But that’s not a negative in terms of time running out before they’ve barely begun in the international game, says Vettori.

“Hopefully we can see another four or five years of them. They’ve got potential to have pretty sound international careers with a bit of longevity. Once you get to that age where you really understand your game it makes it easier taking the step up.”

Source: NZ Herald, 8 February 2010


Conscious of his legacy

27 01 2010

In a wide-ranging and insightful interview with Aaron Lawton from the tabloid Sunday News, New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori discusses his style of leadership, his goal of achieving 400 test wickets and 4000 test runs before he retires, and his views on the cricketing legacy he will leave once he leaves the team:

“I suppose my legacy is and it isn’t in my mind,” he says. “I try to tell myself that it’s not a big deal but it is, I guess, what you are judged on at the end of your career.

“Primarily, you are remembered based on your results. I don’t think too many people remember anything else.

“There’s two legacies. One is the legacy I will leave in terms of results and the other is what I leave on the guys who played under me.

“Those are some pretty important things and in the end if my legacy is that the Black Caps have improved in our test game, that, I hope, would be viewed upon favourably.”

Source: Sunday News, 24 January 2010